First of all, it is great that you have decided to be a part of nature and go on a camping trip. A camping trip is never perfect without a campfire. And what a lot of people don’t get is that campfires are a lot more complex than just putting in wood, some oil and lighting it up. Building the perfect campfire is an art form that doesn’t get enough credit. So without further ado, let’s look at some of the most important tips to building a campfire.

  1. Location

Campgrounds are scenic locations; it is a place that is shared by both humans and wildlife. So where you build a campfire becomes of dire importance. You can’t just build a campfire right in the centre of a valley or anything. Any decent campground that is well maintained will have designated spots for campfires. These locations are ideal because they are far away from wildlife habitats and away from dry bushes and trees. A campfire can go from being a great spectacle to a horrible forest fire in a matter of minutes, if you are not careful with the location.

  1. Stocking up

Camp Fire

It is very important to stock up on firewood and other essentials for building a fire. Not all campgrounds are going to be able to provide you with firewood because gathering firewood can become a tiresome proposition. So we suggest that you go to your local supermarket and gather enough firewood to ensure that you have enough and more in stock to keep the fire burning through the night.

  1. The Shape

The shape of the campfire is an important factor. You need to go with the basic V shape if you are starting out. But even otherwise, most experienced campers still prefer the v-shape because of how easy it is to build and how easy it is replenished. The V-shape structure also uses a much lesser amount of firewood compared to other shapes. And in the heart of a campground, at an untimely hour, this is clearly your best option.

  1. Cooking

So we have gone over the things you need to cover to set up a campfire; so once that is out of the way. What you need to do is focus on what you are going to be cooking. Instead of covering what you need to cook. Let’s look over, what you shouldn’t. Nothing with excess oil; so that duck breast is a definite no-no. Besides that look up a list of things that you can cook over a campfire to be certain.